2016 - 2017 Board of Directors

The New Milestones Foundation board is comprised of volunteers from a broad spectrum of our community who are actively engaged in supporting the goals and NMF mission. The board meets at noon on the first Tuesday of every other month February, April, June, August, October and December.

Current Board 2017

Scott Hector, Ph.D., President

Susan Hawkins Sager, Immediate Past President

Rachel Gunner, LCSW, BCD, CPC, President-Elect

Neil Diaz, Secretary

Nickie Froiland

Richard E. Hopkins

Hal Katz

Lynley Prather

Bill Robbins

Matthew Snapp, Ph.D., CGP

Stacy Strakowski

Luis R. Valadez

David Evans, CEO Integral Care

Fran Irwin, Director

 Past Board Members 

Mary L. Aldrich
Angelos Angelou
William Archer
John Barklay, III
Brent Bartholomew
Travis Benford
Francelle Bettinger
Donalyn Biscoe
Patricia Bizzell Tweedy
Michelle Brinkman
Terri Broussard Williams
Andrea Bryant
Samuel D. Byars
Martin Camp
Donna Carpenter
Robert Chapa, Jr.
Robert Chapa, Sr.
Reenie Collins
K. Dale Cooper
Shyra Darr
Floyd Davis
Exalton Delco, Ph.D.
Louis E. DeMoll, Jr.
Henry Dendy
Roger Drake
Rod Edens, III
Laura Eisenberg
Paul D. Ellis
Beatrice Fincher
Jean Frank
Dr. Joan Gibson Burnham
Valerie Granoff
Marvin Griffin
M.K. Hage, Jr
Anthony Haley
Jeff Heard
Genevieve Hearon
Lynda Henry
Jane Hilfer
Toni Inglis, RN
Dr. Ira Iscoe
Janna Jacobson
Merily Keller
Suzon Kemp

Willie Mae Kirk
Bruce Kruger
Alice Kuhn
Paul D. Leeke
James Lockhart
Charlotte London
Pamela Malone
Leonard Mann
General Marshal
Gloria Mata Pennington
Donald McCarthy
Jill McFarland
Joan Means Khabele
Rosie Mendoza
John Moore
Kerri Morrison
M.P. Mueller
Ron Mullen
Joyce Orr
Elvia Ortiz-Castro
Diane Payton Gomez
Ron Phelps
Joyce M. Prentice*
Pamela Reeves Malone
Kathy T. Rider
Jose Saenz
Samantha Sayers Berstein
Beverly Scarborough*
Denise Shade
Lynda Shanblum
Marcia Silverberg
JIll E. Smith
Gail Sulak
Jan Summer
Blake Talley
Natalie Thomas
Michelle Valles
Leo J. Welder, III
Tom Winstead
Judy Yudof
Tomas "Tom" Yufik, Ph.D.
Carlos Zaffirini
Guadalupe Zamora, MD
* Deceased

For information about joining the NMF Board contact New Milestones Director, Fran Irwin, at 512.440.4051 (email Email).