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NMF Expanding Endowment With Help From Austin Community Foundation

Aided by a generous matching grant from the Austin Community Foundation (ACF), New Milestones Foundation has embarked on a four-year campaign to expand endowment by an additional $100,000.  Make a contribution to the endowment by clicking here

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Feature Articles by NMF Board Members in the Austin American-Statesman

Mental health diseases affect our communities of worship, too
- By Susan Sager

Despite 50 years of progress, mental health challenges linger
-By Kathy T. Rider, Susan Hawkins Sager

David Evans (ATCIC CEO) integrating mental health into health care
- By Michael Barnes 




Save the Date:
13th Annual
Bridging the Gap Event

November 13th, 2014
Four Seasons, Austin
Neil Diaz & Jill McFarland
Honorary Chair: Valerie Newberg